Your cosy life raft in case of prolonged power outages and lack of heat 

What is the Teplytsia?

This is a “Point of Invincibility” (warmhouse) launched by CF "SOLOMA CATS" and KSE Foundation.

Here you can always find:

power supply
hot tea
first aid kit
children`s play area

Where to find Teplytsia

School #229

Oleksy Tykhogo St, 57, Kyiv
make a route
Seven days a week
from 11:00 to 21:00

We plan to open 10 more warmhouses

Help us to do it!

We want to create a network of warmhouses

Within the framework of cooperation with Kyiv School of Economics we are launching a joint project - the creation of the Warmhouses network.

Our goal is to equip 10 warmhouses in Kyiv!

How does it work?

1. Benefactors contribute. CF "SOLOMA CATS" and KSE Foundation guarantee that these funds will be used effectively and legally. After the implementation of the project, each donor receives a report on the use of the contribution.

2. "Points of Invincibility" submit an application. It is possible for any school in Kyiv to take part. From all the submitted applications, we select the “Points” that are most in need of the help of benefactors.

3. Реалізація проекту під ключ. БФ Солом’янські котики та KSE Foundation проводять оцінку необхідних потреб. Повністю беруть участь у закупівлі необхідного обладнання та матеріалів.

4. Reporting. CF "SOLOMA CATS" and KSE Foundation check all necessary documents and send a report to the donors.

What we will purchase for the warmhouses

Teplytsia is not just a room, but also a significant number of components, in particular…

electric generators
extension cords
sleeping bags
fuel barrels
bean bag chairs
garbage cans
board games
children's play area equipment
dry closets
fan heaters
water tanks
fire extinguishers
= $ 30 000

the price of equipping one warmhouse


40 000 $
300 000 $

Submit an application

fill in the application form to launch the Teplytsia

Already submitted:

About us

SOLOMA CATS is a charitable foundation that was founded in April 2022.

The main areas of work are tactical medicine, humanitarian demining and providing vehicles to troops.More than 16,000 defenders have already been trained and provided with high-quality first-aid kits.

Furthermore, "SOLOMA CATS" supply demining equipment to state bodies (in particular, the National Guard and the State Emergency Service of Ukraine), and also train the civilians` skills of first aid. 

KSE Foundation is a charity foundation that supports education and science, and since the beginning of the full-scale war - our defenders and affected people.

The KSE Foundation entered the TOP-50 charitable organizations and received the "Golden Heart" award from the President of Ukraine. 

The KSE Foundation ranks 3rd among Ukrainian foundations in terms of fundraising efficiency according to Forbes Ukraine. 

During the months of full-scale Russian aggression, as of December 1, 2022, the Foundation had collected more than $39 million. For the needs of military personnel, more than 12,000 protective helmets, 20,000 body armor, 38,000 first-aid kits, more than 800 drones and 41 cars were purchased. This is not a complete list of assistance that the KSE Foundation has provided to the Ukrainian army.